hfkjk,In a previous article we focused on creating a career narrative that highlighted your accomplishments. In this article we will focus on creating stories that emphasize the specific knowledge, skills and abilities that employers are seeking. However, you will need to do a few things prior to creating your stories.

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the job description for each position that you will be applying for. Once, you have the job descriptions look at the different knowledge, skills and abilities that are required for the job. If you see a match between the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the job descriptions and your own skill sets then begin creating several stories that demonstrate how you have used them.

It is important to include diversity when creating your stories. The stories that you create should reflect your different skill sets. Keep in mind that employers want to hear stories that are new and fresh. Focus your stories on the knowledge, skills and abilities you’ve used most recently in your previous job. This will help you appear multifaceted in the eyes of the interviewer.

There are numerous topics that you can use when creating your stories. Pick topics relating to your knowledge, skills and abilities that you are passionate about. You might want to create a story about a time in your life where you were required to demonstrate a particular skill or ability under adverse conditions such as going prison. You may even consider creating a story about a particular event in your career that taught you the importance of having a certain skill set.

Keep in mind that there really is no limit to the number and the type of stories that you can create. Try making it a personal goal to commit to memory three to five stories that highlight your knowledge, skills and abilities that you can share with confidence. Remember to practice your stories with family and friends until they begin to sound natural.

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