Month: December 2016

Increase Your Career Right Now

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Increase your career right now and you must know that find the job are not easy way, cause it’s must be glad each other. Further more about you, you are glad about the job or not. However about it, you must be effort to find the right job for you and increase your career. To be a success one there are some ways that you must be through it fisrt. Then, here just a little tips to get the quickly  job : choose the company. You must choose many company that you like to work and join there. Then, make sure that your curriculum vitae are great one. make it so interset to read. Then the company that you appy for the job position will be so intersting to read your CV. Do not waste your time although you don’t have nothing to do. Let’s looking for the company that suitable for you. You must know that the company like the smart one. so you must be like that. Finally if you have time for the interview. You must be attention for this time cause it’s the important one. the main success interview is belive by you self that you can fill for that position. Be success and do the best for life.

How to Ace That Interview in 30 Seconds

fjhg,hgIt takes 30 seconds to make a good impression. It also takes that much time for your interviewer to assess whether they really want to interview you or just ask you generic questions. After all, if they hate you, they’ll simply throw your resume into the bin right after your session.

So from the time you walk through that door towards your seat, you have to create an impression. You have to project a good professional image. Remember, your interviewer is sizing you up even before you open your mouth. Your resume wouldn’t speak for itself. A good resume is a waste if you don’t look the part and if you don’t act the part. After all, there are so many candidates for the job. You’re just one of them.

But if you don’t want to be just part of the crowd and if you want to be the one then, better take note of these 5 tips.

  1. Be early. You don’t want to be there on the dot or worse, let your interviewer wait. Chances are they won’t and you’ll spend the rest of the day sulking for your missed interview. Even if they’re willing to wait, you already placed yourself in a bad position. You’ll have to double your effort in the interview. No one would want to waste their time waiting especially for a newbie. Punctuality is the rule of the game. You have to allot time for traffic and unforeseen events. Don’t be too early though like an hour early, it gives the company the notion that you’re desperate for the job. A good 15 to 20 minutes before your schedule is most preferred.
  2. Dress the part. You have to dress to impress. Choose an attire that suits the position you applied for and the surroundings of your company. Heels and skirts are a must for ladies. Suits and leather are a must for males. You don’t want to be overdressed or under. You don’t want to overshadow your superior either. Think it over. You’ll have to strike a balance.
  3. Be confident. Walk straight, chin up, tummy in. Your interviewer is sizing you up. It’s a measure of how you’ll be treated for the duration of your interview. If you cower or show any signs of weakness then, you’ll be bombard with silly questions. But if you’re too confident then, they’ll despise you. Again, strike a balance just enough to show that you’re up for it and you’re not someone for them to take lightly.
  4. Maintain eye contact. It’s the nonverbal battle. They’ll challenge you with it. Never stoop. Never lower your gaze. Smile but maintain eye contact. Never be the first one to break it. It shows that you’re not intimidated by them.
  5. Act positive. Never cross your arms over your chest or close your palms on your lap. That shows you’re not open to suggestions or you’re too conceited to accept them. Keep them open on top of the table or just by your side. Smile and nod. It shows your openness to learn and accept criticisms and challenges.

Helpful Tips for Job Seekers on How to Land a Good Job

gfjhgjkhgAre you currently looking for employment? There are many available jobs out there, but you may have already realized that despite the many vacancies, landing a job is not easy. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you find a job, and one that pays well at that.

Do not be an overconfident know-it-all

Job searching can be very challenging indeed, but you must do everything that you can to stand out. You must set yourself apart from the rest. Employers are more likely to take notice of a unique candidate. You can be this kind of job applicant if you use your personal experiences and career goals. If your aim is to lead an exceptional career, then you must make a good first impression.

However, instead of approaching the job hunt as an overconfident know-it-all who does not need anyone’s advice, ask for it. People like to work with someone who is confident and skilled, but not boastful about it. Employers are also partial to future employees who feel that they still have much to learn, even if they already have work experience. If you want to sell yourself, do so with much less attitude and more competence. Let them peruse your resume if you want them to be impressed with your credentials and references. That is how you stand out. This is how you get noticed from a long list of applicants who are also after the job position that you are applying for.

Do not limit your options

“Follow your passion.” This is the advice that new graduates often get from those who have “been there, done that”. This is good advice, but this should not define the scope of your job hunting. Do not limit your exploration to the options that you have a passion for. This career wisdom may work for others, but for some, it could be limiting. Many people who are happy and passionate about their work now developed this passion over time. Be open to other avenues that you encounter, instead of immediately rejecting a perfectly good job offer just because it does not fall under things you are passionate about. This is just a fresh look at your job hunting strategy and something that you should seriously consider.

In relation to this, you must discard pre-conceived notions of job positions and titles. Some positions are widely perceived as boring or limiting, but you might be surprised at the wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth that await you there. Some positions seem insignificant, but you have to explore their long-term potential.

Be realistic

You can be ambitious, but you must be very realistic as well. A prestigious role is well and good, but your skills set must be a good fit for the position. Shoot for the stars, but if you are just starting out, make sure that you are honest about what you can offer to your employer. If you promise more than you can deliver then you will only get yourself in trouble in the end.

Hire Top Rated Product Description Copywriter

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Make The Best Resume To Get Your Job

When you want to apply for a job in a company, then you need to create a job application letter and curriculum vitae or resume. Resume be one important aspect the company in assessing your qualities. In general meaning, resume is a history or a summary that explains all of the skills or expertise, work experience when the time comes to apply for jobs. Resume is also a reason that should be considered carefully when applying for work. It has a very large stake in influencing the company’s decision to accept the job applicants or not. Therefore resume is very important when applying for a job. List all our expertise so that companies are interested and willing to accept you to work at the company. Then how to make a resume like that? do not be confused, ready to help you. It will make the best resume for you by highlighting all the skills that you have, as well as a nice and interesting visual display. So once look at the resume, the companies would be interested and want to read the resume.

When applying for a job at a big company, we surely will face many competitors. The company will receive a lot of job application letter and resume to accumulate. If this situation occurs, let alone hope to get a chance interview. The possibility of our resumes will read is very small. If the company do not read your resumes, our chance will be smaller of getting the job. While experiencing a situation like this, what can we do? how we can do is create a unique and interesting resume, that makes companies want to read our resumes. If we have different, unique, and nice resumes it is not impossible if the company would be interested in your resume. If the resume has read then it will be a step forward to get these jobs.

Get Your Dream Job Position

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Brain Power for a Job Search

hgkghkghThere were times when I woke up in the morning feeling like I didn’t know “which way was up”… I had a hard time thinking, I felt spacy, confused, tired and many times I had a hard time focusing and concentrating. Through talking to my friends and family, I found out that I was not the only one that felt this way from time to time. Later I learned that the foods that I ate played a big part in the mental boost that I was lacking in the morning.

For many of us, preparing a healthy breakfast is time consuming so we try the quick fix by eating foods such as toast and coffee, waffles drowned in syrup or a bowl of our favorite cereal.

The following 5 foods were included in the list of “brain foods” by a September 2012 article posted by the Huff Post Healthy Living and can serve as a brainy substitute to the unhealthy quick fixes that we normally settle for. Now although there are many other benefits for consuming these foods as well, I am focusing on how they can give us the brain power boost that we need to maintain a focused job search.

  1. Olive Oil

My favorite on the list is Olive Oil. Unlike other fats, olive oil helps to control blood sugar levels and prevent diseases that cause problems with brain function and memory.

  1. Avocado

Avocados may be high in fat but it promotes blood flow allowing the brain to function at its highest.

  1. Eggs

Although high in cholesterol, eggs are a great source of protein; they contain choline which is a nutrition that helps the brain to improve memory function.

  1. Mixed Berries

Delicious berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cranberries all have been shown through study to benefit our brains by boosting brain function and preventing age related memory lost.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts contain Omega 3’s which are the essential fatty acids that help to keep the brain functioning normally. Ever wonder why this nut is shaped like the brain? It gives an ironic meaning when people say “Your Nuts!”

There are many other foods that are brain friendly and can help stimulate our mind in the right direction but these were the favorites on my list that I wanted to share with you. Have a nice day and don’t forget to start your day right by a “brain powered breakfast”.

Online Bookkeeping Easier For Beginners Company

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. Transactions include sales, purchases, income, and expenditure by individuals and organizations. The accounting system becomes a vital tool in a company. Bookkeeping can be done manually or by Online Bookkeeping. knowledge about bookkeeping plays an important role for the company and a capital base of corporate management of the financial side. Here are some uses bookkeeping system:
– Financial control tool business, by having bookkeeping, companies can know the financial condition and can better control the use of money to make it more efficient.
– Decision making tool, own bookkeeping makes the company know the financial position of the company, this makes the company coined more choice in making decisions. By looking at the financial data, businessman can judge that his business is growing and requires expansion.
– Tax calculation tool, closely related to tax accounting. Without bookkeeping, the company will have difficulty in calculating taxes.
– Data is important in conducting relations with third parties, such as investors, banks, etc. when companies have to deal with a third party. Usually involving the company’s capital. financial statements also very necessary when applying for a loan to the bank.
Now this is not to be confused as to how to make the correct bookkeeping, since a lot of the online accounting software to help startups in compiling the books correctly and accurately. one of which is Quickbooks Cloud Hosting. In addition to facilitate business owners in financial reporting, online accounting software is also able to make the employers control the turnover has. Online accounting software is also suitable for an individual company. Excess Application Online Bookkeeping is
1. Efficient time
By using the technology does all things being helpful. With the online accounting software system that already has a calculation formula will make time employees or business owners themselves can be used for anything else. So that more efficient use of time.
2. More Easy to Use
With the system in online bookkeeping software will certainly make users more easily. Simply by entering the formula that will be applied later to adjust the numbers – the numbers in it. The use of a computer or laptop in every job will certainly make it easier.
3. Minimize Errors
In the use of a program or the software itself can also make mistakes. However, because the program or software used an error will be easily searched and found. Therefore, by using this software to minimize errors and to make financial reports be precise and accurate.
4. Can Consult Direct
In an age of advanced technology and the internet is indeed facilitate everything. There are times when the use of an online bookkeeping application has a problem. However, no need to worry for its users. Because the online bookkeeping software also has customer service that can help deal with the difficulties. Even consultations on this issue does not have a time limit.
by using this software owners of an individual company can make a lot of activity in the software only. Ranging from making financial reports, invoices manufacture, to control the supply of goods or raw materials needed in this endeavor. Therefore, the use of cloud accounting software is very useful for any company. bookkeeping software onle also providing support phone numbers , that is Quickbooks Support Number Phone. so what are you waiting for? all about the books already available . immediately use our online application.

Ways To Use Technology In The Recruiting Process

gfjghkEvery recruiter uses different methods to find the best candidate for the position. Recruiting, training, and replacing new employees can be quite costly. In this economy it is important to pick the best candidates possible before going through the rest of the hiring process. The best candidate will help the company to be successful and grow into the future.

Using technology can be advantageous to the recruiting process on several levels. First, it increases the proficiency of the recruiter by saving them valuable time while searching through hundreds or even thousands of resumes. Second, technology allows a recruiter to store applicant information for future reference. Third, through the use of technology a recruiter can promote an open position (and the business) across many platforms, reaching many more potential candidates than ever before, especially mobile users. Fourth, technology allows for interviews like never before using programs like Skype.

1: Company-Hosted Site

A company hosted career site where applicants can setup a profile, attach their resume, and apply for positions quickly is ideal. With a company-hosted career site the company has the ability to modify and customize the site, the information requested, and the way the information is stored. Customization could give recruiters the ability to sort through potentially thousands of resumes for keywords or phrases that would save a great deal of time. The applicant profile can be saved for future open positions for a specified period of time (usually 90 days). Also, using a username and password, the applicant can log into the site and update their resume, experience, education, and contact information.

2: Third-Party Job Posting Sites

When a company-hosted site is not realistic (at least in the short-term), a company can use third-party recruiting sites, such as Career Builder, LinkedIn, or the like. I recommend using these sites along side the company-hosted site to draw applicants to your site to apply. If a company-hosted site is not available, I recommend having a separate email to have all applications sent to; otherwise, your email will fill up quickly, impeding your ability to sort through and answer the important business emails you receive. Posting job ads on third-party sites does cost and generally depends on the package you purchase from the company.

3: Candidate Research

Before calling down to the 263 applicants that look like they could be right for the position, using technology to research the individuals can help narrow that list down a great deal. Everyone knows (or should know, at least) that their lives are completely public if they are posting anything on social media, and this includes all of them – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Searching for an applicants name can reveal quite a bit about them, but be sure it is their social media accounts before making a judgment. Be sure to look at blogs as well to get a well-rounded picture of the individual.

4: Interviews

Technology is being used more and more for interviewing potential candidates. Most interviewers like to see the applicant’s faces, especially to judge body language and facial expressions. I still recommend making the first interview, or the ‘weeding out interview,’ as I like to call it, to be a phone interview. This saves a great deal of time and resources. However, using apps like Skype can make the first or second interview so much easier, and saves the applicant money by not having to drive to the business for the interview. Although, I still recommend that at least the final interview be in person.

5: Pre-Employment Tests

If your industry requires pre-employment tests the quickest and easiest way to administer them is through the use of technology. This way they can be scored automatically and results can be sent to the appropriate individuals quickly. I have seen a multitude of companies use various ways and programs to administer these tests. One thing I haven’t seen yet is the use of apps to administer these tests, which I believe would appeal to the tech-savvy smartphone users. Obviously, having web-based tests available would be wise, but giving the applicant the option of using an app would increase the user experience of those coming into the workforce today.

6: New-Hire Documents

There are some new-hire documents that will, for obvious reasons, need to remain as printed documents. However, using technology to disseminate employee handbooks and the like would be helpful in becoming or remaining a green company. Even storing signatures on some employee documents is possible through the use of technology.

Technology is not going away anytime soon, so make the most of it. Definitely stay up on the trends of technology and continue to update your systems and the way you recruit for your next perfect employee.

Job Search Tips 6 Documents To Have Ready

gjhgkjHaving all of the documents you need updated and ready to go for when you are applying for a job can seem like a job in and of itself. True, the creation of certain documents can take some time, but so can not having them ready to go when needed. Here is a list of a few documents that should be created and perfected (as much as possible) before beginning the application process.

Having a resume, or resumes, ready to go is an obvious one, right? Going through the process of creating or updating, editing, and formatting usually is not an hour project (unless all you have to do is update a date on a position). Then, there is the creation/adjustment of multiple resumes. I recommend having a resume that speaks to each type of position you are applying for. I don’t mean a separate resume for each position, but for the different types of jobs. For example, you may be qualified for a few different positions, such as mechanic, welder, and operator. Each of these job descriptions will be slightly different and having a resume that is specifically tailored to each of these will increase your chances of being seen by the recruiter.

Cover Letter
Some companies prefer a cover letter, some require one, and some don’t want to see one (or they don’t give the applicant the ability to send one). In any case, having one or two cover letters prepared in advance can help you save time when applying. Again, tailoring the cover letter to the specific position type is recommended. However, one general cover letter will do the trick – as long as you review the cover letter and edit it appropriately before sending. The first paragraph should outline your experience and education in relation to the position you are applying for, the rest of the body should explain who you are (i.e. dependable, responsible, works well independently and in a team, etc.), and the closing should give the recruiter your contact information (which should also be in the header when able). If the cover letter is well written enough you should only need to change the first paragraph to coincide with the job listing.

References / Education History
I lump these two together because I have them together in one document. The first page I list professional and personal references (some companies like to see personal references as well), and the second page includes my education history.

For my references, I have their names, how long I have known them, and their contact information.

For my education history, I have the degree, institution, graduation date, and GPA listed.

I have a PDF’d document saved on my computer so I can upload it during the application process, and I have copies printed for the interview process. I offer this during the interview, even if I’m not asked for them.

Letter of Recommendation
I didn’t have a letter of recommendation (LOR) from anyone for many years, but I decided that this would be good to have for profiles that give a place to upload it. I actually have two – one from each of my last two supervisors. A couple things to keep in mind when requesting a recommendation from someone: 1: make sure it is not dated (some employers won’t accept a LOR if it’s over so many years old), 2: ensure it is signed (a LOR isn’t any good if it’s not signed by the person writing it), and 3: PDF it (this makes for easy upload to a company’s site).

Unofficial Transcripts
Some employers, not many in my experience, will ask for your transcripts. Some colleges start charging after they issue so many official transcripts, so offering unofficial transcripts and promising official transcripts if offered the position will show a sign of good faith on your part and will keep your official transcript costs to a minimum.

Examples of Work
Some positions, especially in the marketing field, will ask for examples of your work. Having these ready in a format that is accessible by most anyone (i.e. PDF or jpeg) will allow you to easily access, upload, and offer these examples to a potential employer. For positions where it is common to show the type and quality of your work I recommend having a professional portfolio of your work put together to show during an interview.