Month: December 2015

Acknowledging The Important of Professional Resumes And CVs

gfjhykghkAre you going on the right path, does your CV gets shortlisted when you apply for jobs?

If you are a job seeker, then it is highly important for you to understand how to present the best you to an employer. It’s simple in order to do so you need a professionally written Curriculum Vita, better known as CV. Your targeted multinationals receive many job applications for even a single job opening but, only some make it for the interview. This short listing is completelybased of your resume. On an average one CV will receive not more than 30 seconds of initial consideration. So that’s your turn to hit the bull’s eye and make an impact in that fraction of seconds. To grab your employer’s attention your CV should clearly speak about your core competencies, experience and accomplishments.

With years of experience behind you, your resume should focus on your strategic capabilities & your business acumen. It should document how your presence had been valuable in driving the organization up the corporate success.

Each to his own there are many reasons for “why candidates fail in interviews” however surprisingly more than 70% of the candidates blame the employer for the rejection on the basis of some strange and bizarre assumptions. Employers generally do not disclose the reason for rejection and this only adds to the list of assumptions. However, it’s not like that, if a company comes out with a vacancy it would want to close the vacancy asap with selection of the best available candidature. So, the problem doesn’t lie on the other part but with your presentation of your capabilities and accomplishments. This is where good CV and cover letter writing service, Resume writing companyshould come into play.

Your Resume is the most important document of your career, and a professional resume wring company can be a perfect solution to help you with your resume & assist you in your professional growth. However, you must be very careful when selecting any resume writing company. There are many companies providing CV and cover letter writing servicesas well as resume writing services but Samscv offers the world-class services matching the desired needs of an individual. The expert team knows and understands the market and provides tailor-made CV, Resume and cover letter writing services to its clients. Visit their website to start using their services:

Careers In Computer Hardware and Networking

fhmkghk,The world is changing; we are living in the age of information technology wherein the old manual ways of managing our day to day business / personal tasks have been replaced by computer and networking systems. Practically there is no field that which hasn’t seen the implementation of computer & networking systems to manage its day to day business activities. There are different hardware devices namely stand alone computer systems, computer servers, physical parts or components of a computer system, such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard disk drive (HDD), graphic cards, sound cards, memory (RAM), motherboard, and so on. There are different networking devices as well namely – Hub, Switches, Bridges, Routers, Brouters, Gateways, Network Cards, Modems and so on. Professionals are required at all levels to manage computer hardware and networking systems within the organization and home setups.

The size of computer hardware and networking is directly linked to the size of computer hardware and networking systems industry. The overall size of Indian computer hardware and networking systems market, which comprises stand alone computers, servers, printers and others, stood at USD 15.87 billion (2015), showing a growth of 23.98 per cent over the previous year (2014). 10.6 million units were sold in the year 2015 though there is huge consumer preference for smartphones and tablets. It is true that for personal use smartphones and tablets are being preferred more as compared to laptops and desktops, however, for commercial use there is no shift in demand.

Huge demand for computer hardware and networking systems from the government and private sector creates numerous career opportunities for hardware and networking professionals at all the levels. Careers in computer hardware and networking: System Administrator, Network Administrator, System Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Technical Support, Help Desk Engineer, IT Technician, IT Administrator, Field Service Technician, Database Security Administrator, Intranet Specialist and so on. The sector demands specialized skills and qualification; courses in computer hardware and networking – Certification in Hardware and Networking, Red Hat Linux Certification, Windows Certification, Cisco Certification, Network Security and so on.

Hardware and networking courses would only give some theoretical knowledge to the candidates; however, learning on the job is a pre-requisite in creating rewarding and successful careers in computer hardware and networking industry. The hardware and networking professionals usually start out as field service engineers wherein they are usually put on to maintain the individual hardware units. At entry level the hardware engineers can expect salary in the range of 8k to 10k; however, it increases gradually with the increase in experience and skills acquired. Hardware and networking field offers promising career opportunities, however, choosing the right course & gaining relevant experience is extremely important for the right career growth.

No matter how big today the smartphones and tablet market is but the demand for laptops, desktop systems, servers and other networking products cannot be replaced. The sector is all set to create lifetime career opportunities for computer hardware and networking professionals at various levels across different industry verticals namely – IT industry, banking & finance, Insurance, textiles, pharmaceutical, medical industry & so on.

How To Structure Your Job Search Stories To Get A Job

dhjkhgIn this article, I will be revealing formulas in the form of acronyms developed by professional career counselors that will help you to frame your job search stories. These formulas while varied generally invoke a common theme.

Typically, you will identify a problem or challenge that you faced on the job, the hindrances you encountered while trying to fix the problem, what actions you took to overcome the hindrances, the results of your actions to fix the problem and what impact your solution had on your department or company.

Here are five of the most popular acronyms used when creating stories:

PAR: Problem, Action, Result
SAR: Situation, Action, Result
SHARE: Situation, Hindrance, Action, Results, Evaluation (by Fred Coon)
SOAR: Situation, Obstacle, Action, Result
STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result

You can pick any of the formulas above to use as the framework for structuring your stories. All of these formulas follow a logical sequence making it easy for you to present your stories in an organized fashion. Stories created using these formulas are most often used when interviewing. However, they can be applicable to other aspects of the job search such as resumes, cover letters and portfolios which will all be discuss later in the report.

Hint: When detailing the results that you obtained in your particular story always try to quantify them by using numbers, percentages etc. Remember to keep the stories short and memorable.

Use adjectives and verbs that will help the interviewer visualize the story as you tell it. If there are any negative aspects of the story always end on a positive note and let the interviewer know how this experience impacted you and made you a better person.

How Can takeajob Be More Innovative Than Other Job Portals

fhmhg,jgFor Candidates and Job Hunters: Although a few months old, many renowned and well established corporations and companies have started relying on takeajob as it is bestowed with contemporary features and reliable practices.his has made it an easy path for job seekers to apply and be part of their dream careers. Through us, one can build his/her profession much bigger than he/she has ever imagined. Since our inception, we have been bridging the gap between relevant candidate and prominent employers to support healthy work culture. Few of the gains that

An applicant look forward to from us are:

Wider career options

Highly reliable

Referral friendly

Easy navigation

For Employers and Companies:As a budding yet placement and recruiting site, takeajob has already started assisting corporations with their future stars. To make hiring process smooth and swift, our team of skilled professionals have equipped the portal with modern and ground-breaking techniques and solutions.

Besides this, following are the added benefits that an employer can take advantage of by joining hands with the job portal:

Rapid filling time

Outstanding clientele service

Negligible risk

Refined hiring

Highlights of takeajob:

Let us discuss the features that sets the job portal apart from other prevailing online job search sites in the market.

Map Integration Unlike other job portals, takeajob has come up with map integration to spot the geological location of either a applicant or an upcoming vacancy.

Live Chatt:Ahead of scheduling formal interviews, an employer can interact with a relevant candidate over the “live chat” feature integrated by takeajob.To take benefits of the feature, both the interviewer and the interviewee needs to be logged into takeajob at the same time and discuss the necessities. Later, as per the live conversation, further meetings can be fixed.

Advanced Mobile App :Even though, takeajob is still working on its mobile friendly application, candidates and hiring seniors can very soon take full benefits of it.The app has been designed for swifter access such as resume upload, viewing responses, posting of vacancies, applying for openings etc.

Employer Work Station ImagesWe all love to work in an environment which is employee friendly and healthy. In order to assure that a candidate gets hired by the best employer, takeajob allows an applicant to go through the images of the company that he/she got an offer to work with. In the same manner, hiring companies can upload picture of their work station for better interaction with candidates.

Find Online Jobs to Make Money

gkugkujFind Online Jobs- If you are able to search and find online jobs you can make this dream a reality. You can be your own boss and work on your own schedule. Not everybody succeeds at this dream to make the money online. This is partly because of the thousands of scams online that promise to make you a lot of money very quickly. In most cases, if it sounds too good to be true that is because it is.

The More the website, start Online Jobs can provide you with information on where to find a lot of online jobs that aren’t scams. Some online jobs ports are providing of the work in IT(Software Development), Sales and marketing,Digital Marketing, Finance and BPO jobs in private sectors that will actually make you money are many others. If you have a special talent or a certified special skill you can even easy make money has a part time and full time. You can find online jobs almost everywhere you look on the jobs portals, you just have to be able to recognize them. Keep in mind that online jobs will not make you a millionaire overnight but with solid and hard work, enough money can be made so that you can quit your current private job and work from home according to Hours rates.

Looking Fresher’s Jobs Opening in India for Freshers and experience by, India leading jobs portal. Search & Apply to best available jobs opening India, from Top Indian & International Companies in various sectors.

Having an online job can help you spend more time at home with your family. Working from home is not easy but it is definitely more fulfilling then working for somebody else for your entire life. You can take vacations when you want, work when you want and as often as you want. You can work just as much as needed to pay the bills or you can work more often to save for your retirement.

When you try to find online jobs, be careful that you do not fall for any of the scams that are out there.

Using Career Narratives To Get A Job

fhjkkYou will need to create many stories throughout your job search to showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities. The first type of story that you will want to create is the career narrative. This type of story tells the potential employer who you are at your core and reveals why you are unique compared to other job candidates. This is considered by some to be your unique selling proposition. If done correctly it will reflect your personality and value system to the interviewer.

The story that you create for your career narrative can be about anything; but usually it involves a significant event, challenge or obstacle that you faced in a work environment which details how you overcame it and what lessons you learned. In the course of writing your story you will come away with a better understanding of who you are as a person. You will also be able to draw more stories from this experience that can be used during your job search that will highlight some of your other positive work characteristics and traits.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to creating one career narrative. It is best to create several ones that illustrate different aspects of your personality and accomplishments that you can pick and choose from. When creating your story it is important to be aware of the fact that the person listening has the power to hire you based in part on the personal revelations they receive after hearing the stories that you tell.

Here are a few pointers for getting the most out of your career narrative. First, keep it short so that it can be easily remembered and retold to others involved in the hiring decision. Second, link your past accomplishments to future goals that you have set for your career. Third, do not inflate your career narrative. It is important to remain authentic, reciprocal and transparent when relaying your story to the interviewer. Keep practicing your story with friends and family until your presentation begins comes across as both humble and personable.

Creating Knowledge Skills and Abilities Stories To Get A Job

hfkjk,In a previous article we focused on creating a career narrative that highlighted your accomplishments. In this article we will focus on creating stories that emphasize the specific knowledge, skills and abilities that employers are seeking. However, you will need to do a few things prior to creating your stories.

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the job description for each position that you will be applying for. Once, you have the job descriptions look at the different knowledge, skills and abilities that are required for the job. If you see a match between the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the job descriptions and your own skill sets then begin creating several stories that demonstrate how you have used them.

It is important to include diversity when creating your stories. The stories that you create should reflect your different skill sets. Keep in mind that employers want to hear stories that are new and fresh. Focus your stories on the knowledge, skills and abilities you’ve used most recently in your previous job. This will help you appear multifaceted in the eyes of the interviewer.

There are numerous topics that you can use when creating your stories. Pick topics relating to your knowledge, skills and abilities that you are passionate about. You might want to create a story about a time in your life where you were required to demonstrate a particular skill or ability under adverse conditions such as going prison. You may even consider creating a story about a particular event in your career that taught you the importance of having a certain skill set.

Keep in mind that there really is no limit to the number and the type of stories that you can create. Try making it a personal goal to commit to memory three to five stories that highlight your knowledge, skills and abilities that you can share with confidence. Remember to practice your stories with family and friends until they begin to sound natural.

Different Aviation Courses for Career in Aviation Industry

fgjkyhkSince several years, the aviation sector has been offering enormous job opportunities to graduates in India. However, this wasn’t the case in the past as there weren’t many courses that emphasized on the aviation sector and groomed students to take on roles in that sector. Earlier, graduates from any discipline used to apply for aviation jobs and used to get trained after their selection post interview. But now, things have changed and many aviation sector oriented courses have come up catering to the requirements of the aviation industry. This article lists some of the best aerospace engineering courses in Mumbai, which students might pursue after completing their high school.

One must keep in mind that career prospects and the likelihood of landing a high paying job in this sector majorly relies on the quality of the institute from which you pursue the course. Yes, the ability of the candidate and type of course also plays a huge role. However, before taking admission ensure that you research well about the institute. Initially, when you step ahead for taking an admission, make sure that the institute is approved and recognized by the appropriate authorities. Also, prior to zeroing on the course, ensure that you have the ability to thrive in the role related with that course.

Courses in Aviation Industry

BBA in Airport Management

This course is a 3 years long undergraduate management program. The good thing about this course is that several BBA programs let students specialize in certain discipline. Here, it’s a program emphasizing on the running and management of an airport. This specific course trains students to take on Managerial and Administrative posts in an airport. The course material includes subjects such as; introduction to Airport Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Safety Management, etc.

Eligibility & Career Prospects

Students having cleared their high school are eligible to pursue this course. Criteria for obtaining minimum marks are there, but it differs from one institute to another and it’s generally around 50%. On successful completion of the course, the candidates might get hired at major International or Domestic Airports. The average starting salary is generally between INR 3 to 5 Lac per annum.

Aeronautical Engineering

This is a technical course that goes on for 4 years. A candidate getting a BE/B Tech degree in Aeronautical Engineering stands a great chance to get a job associated with the aviation sector. In this domain, the candidate learns how to design, manufacture and maintain an aircraft.

Eligibility & Career Prospects

Students having cleared their high school in science stream (with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) are entitled to apply for this course. Besides, students need to clear National as well as State level entrance tests to get enrolled in recognized institutes. After getting this degree, the private airlines will run after the students. Over there, the aspirants might work in posts such as Chief Engineer, Research and Development Engineering, and Design Engineer, etc. The average that starts here is generally between INR 3 to 5 Lac.

Pilot Training

Among various jobs provided by this sector this training is considered to be the most glamorous as well as rewarding one. However, remember that this specific training is very expensive, On the other hand, once completed this course will give you a rewarding job.

Eligibility @ Career Prospects

The job for a commercial pilot is only for those who have passed their high school in science stream (with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics as the subjects). Some of the best aerospace engineering colleges in Mumbai have placed marks criteria between 45 to 50 %. Moreover, candidates need to clear the written exam, pilot aptitude test and interview to get selected into the training program.

A Fresher Job in IT and Walkins Interview Guide to Private Sectors

jyhjmyjGetting a fresher job in IT Software is not always easy. If you are a fresh graduate and want to kick-start your career to apply jobs, you will have abundant options to choose from and most of them would be according to your expertise and knowledge. Now, the question is how you can look for the right job opportunity in your life.

As the first step, you should Free Sign up on the Rojgarepost is leading job portals. Here you would find a wide range of fresher job opportunities. These online platforms will let you know what are the latest openings in the market. These portals would allow you to know about different companies. There is no dearth of jobs for freshers because companies would want to train them in their own preferred way and judiciously use them in the field. For one vacancy, the number of candidates is likely to be high. So as a fresher Apply Private Jobs, it becomes imperative to shine out.

Below are some tips that you should diligently follow if you want to get a good job option-

  1. Research the company and Services= It is recommended to get details about the company and its services by surfing its official website. No one expects that you should know the name of all directors of the company, but at least you should have a basic knowledge of the company’s business.
  2. Your past projects= Really you have no job experience because you are a fresher but to capture the attention of the interviewer, you should talk about your college projects and assignments. If you have done a freelance project, then it is the right time to unveil its details.
  3. Keep Your Resume Short= No one has enough time to go through paragraphs to get the better understanding of your potential. Therefore, it is advised to keep your resume short and include only informative stuff. Highlight skills that are related to the job.
  4. Good Communication Skills= It is unimaginable to survive in today’s world without having good communication skills. So make sure you are good in oral and written communication.

The Depends on salary package

The Salary package of a fresher depends on various factors like company, job location, college from where you have completed your studies, skills and work profile. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous change in the salary package. There are some fresher jobs that offer lucrative packages along with other perks. If you want to build your career in the IT sector, you can expect to get Rs 4-6 lakh per annum. If you have done your education from Top University and colleges like IIT, IIM and NIT, you can get around Rs 10-20 lakh per annum.

Where to look for fresher jobs?

Infosys, TCS and IBM have established separate Walkins Interview for training & development departments for freshers candidate. Furthermore, there are wide opportunities Private sectors also and you can explore jobs in IBM, HCL, TCS, Infosys and Accenture.

Also, there are some Indian cities where you can find alluring fresher job opportunities. It means, soon after completing your education, you can start moving to any of these cities.

The Way to Stride Over a Government Job

fykugtklCurrent Affairs plays a vital role in Government examinations. Departments for the govt. jobs have approved Daily Awareness Section compulsory. It includes many segments like, Sports, Person, Places, Appointments, Awards, Trade, Economics, Latest Innovations and many more. All the blocks include the latest information nationally and internationally. All the new brand happenings in the world are included in Current Affairs. There are asunder segments used in different exams. In bank exams, the new indian economy and the new appointments in bank field section are used mostly.

Current Affairs are nothing but the occurrences of political or social zest and consequence phenomena in the world at the present time. It is a part of general awareness but it includes only ultramodern incidents. Whereas it is a part of general awareness, nevertheless it has no limit. There are immeasurable allocutions in Current Affairs. It cannot be covered in few days. Reason being, there is enormous new things happen in every field every day. It takes so many guts in a person with an incredible intelligence power to get conquest in this arduous section. Learning with full dedication towards our study can make us successful in in field. The world is full of miracles; there is nothing we cannot make that happen. Believe in yourself, we only need to have a sight on our own abilities and guts to do anything.

There are a lot of wellsprings in the market for Current Affairs. Some people use Television to be updated while some other uses Newspapers. There are umpteenth means for daily current affairs like; Mobile Applications, Radio, Magazines, Questions and Answers Booklets, Quizzes etc. many publications irradiate their magazines having monthly latest happenings. Whereas some others publish a book for the current affairs of the year. In my personal opinion, a monthly book for current happenings is better than a yearly book. Be the ringleader in the examination hall by holding latest current affairs in the mind. Get yourself ready for the upcoming examinations and perusal Current Affairs 2016 to hit the exams. This will help you to infest the employment in your interested field.